The company, based in Porvoo, consists of Tommy Hellsten and Annika Vilkki. Annika manages administration and marketing. Tommy works as a therapist in both Porvoo and Helsinki. Moreover, we provide consultations, lectures, education and coaching. 
We cooperate closely with the Ihminen tavattavissa training program, which was founded by Tommy in 2007. Tommy regularly gives lectures within the program. For more detailed information about Ihminen tavattavissa, see the homepages:

Whatever your needs are, feel free to contact us:
+358 44 7111 403

With love,
Tommy and Annika

Ab WisdomHouse Oy

Ab WisdomHouse Oy
Jokikatu 17 A 2
06100 PORVOO

VAT FI-30035407

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Tommy Hellsten

therapist, mentor, author, lecturer, trainer, theologian, diploma wonderer

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Annika Vilkki

project manager
M.Sc., work supervisor for management and supervisory work (STOry), Ihminen tavattavissa -therapist intern
financial administration, communication and marketing

+358 44 711 1403

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Everything we do is based on the books I have written, of which thirty have already been published in fifteen countries. 


As a company, we try to be awake and listen to what this world needs. We try to be agile in inventing new ways to create and promote well-being. The basis of everything, however, is one aspiration: to create awareness and thereby free man to live. Our company's motto is – awareness creates freedom.