Ab WisdomHouse Oy

The company, based in Porvoo, consists of Tommy Hellsten and Annika Vilkki. Annika manages administration and marketing.

Tommy works as a therapist in both Porvoo and Helsinki. Moreover, we provide consultations, lectures, education and coaching. 

We cooperate closely with the Ihminen tavattavissa training program, which was founded by Tommy in 2007. Tommy regularly gives lectures within the program. For more detailed information about Ihminen tavattavissa, see the homepages: www.ihminentavattavissa.fi


Tommy has led retreats in Switzerland and Greece among other places. The most recent retreat location is in Bomba, Nurmes, where Tommy now leads an annual winter retreat. Furthermore, once a month we gather for an evening of dialogue in Helsinki, where we dive into the deeper questions of life and living.


The books that Tommy Hellsten has authored are a foundation for all of our products. The books now number close to thirty and have been published in fifteen countries. Everything we do as a company stems from the content of these books. 


We strive to remain awake and keen to understand what our world needs, so that we may find new ways of creating and cultivating well-being. Our central aim is to increase awareness in order to set people free to live life to the fullest. Our motto is: