I am Tommy Hellsten. I grew up in an alcoholic family, from where I set out into the world. Within me there was a growing sense of anxiety. It took me a long time to find out where this anxiety was stemming from. I didn’t understand that I was FEELING bad - I thought I WAS bad! That is - I had a massively shame-bound identity. 

    The anxiety forced me to confront myself and dive into my past, to the root of the illness. This journey became an exploration into my inner self. Slowly, my own identity began to reveal itself with increasing clarity. 

    My whole career has actually sprung forth from that exploration. I’ve openly shared the details of my experiences in books, lectures and media. Why? - Because it seems that thousands of other people have been - or are - going through similar experiences. I want to encourage others to believe that it is possible to be set free from one’s past and be born as oneself to live one’s own life!

    My most important book Tähän olen tullut, a book about finding meaning, seeks to describe my inner journey. It focuses specifically on the significance of spirituality in the story of my life. This book is a sort of conclusion and a manual to my life philosophy. My three most important books are as follows: Virtahepo Olohuoneessa, Saat sen mistä luvout, and Tähän olen tullut.