For a long time, standing in front of people made me really uncomfortable. Giving lectures was one of the more stressful things within my work. However, as time has gone by and my experience has grown, I’ve actually started to enjoy it. These days lecturing no longer stresses me at all - on the contrary!

    I’ve travelled around in the Nordic countries giving lectures during several decades. I’ve met thousands and thousands of people at conferences, seminars, church services and in different work places. As the fear of lecturing has given way, an ability to be present in the moment has stepped in. During lecturing I very often perceive that it is not so much me lecturing as, rather, “lecturing happening in me.”

    Most of the times, the topic for my lectures is derived from one of my books, but I am happy to plan together with the event organizer, so that a suitable topic can be found.

My lectures can be booked:


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+358 45 3123635

I have a Facebook page through which I can also be reached: www.facebook.com/tommyhellstenen