“In order to encounter another human being, I must first face myself.”

- Tommy Hellsten


During the course of my career and throughout the processes of writing my books, something like an operative philosophy and a sort of value system on which I base all my work on has slowly been chiseled out. I decided to find a way to put all this into a form that can be passed on to the next generations. Thus, the training program called Ihminen Tavattavissa came to be. 

    The deepest longing of humanity and of all individual persons is to be known - to be seen and to feel true connection. In order for me to be able to truly encounter another person, I must face myself and confront my shadow. If I neglect this work, I won’t able to really be in contact with another person. Instead, I will see the other as though distorted through my own unconscious shadow. In this sort of meeting, the other isn’t seen as him- or herself, but is “hijacked” into my own inner drama which is played out without my knowing. 

    The solution is consciousness - I need to become conscious of my shadow.  By becoming more conscious, I am set free to live a life of my own choosing - in freedom and creativity! It was for this purpose that the four year training program called Ihminen Tavattavissa was founded. The first group met in 2007 and as I write this, about 200 people from around Finland have participated or are participating.

    I am present for all groups to share my experience and knowledge, but I no longer work as a main instructor.